Body Oriented Psychotherapy Workshop


A Body-Psychotherapy Workshop Module

"Your Body has Many Levels"

6th & 7th December, 2008

Salisbury Centre,

Different ways of being with our bodies;
Deepening our connection with our whole selves; Understanding more about this miracle.

This long-established mainstream branch of psychotherapy actually predates Freud; was later developed through the work of Wilhelm Reich and others; and is now known generally as Body-Psychotherapy, Somatic Psychology, or Body-Oriented Psychotherapy.

We look at how we relate to our bodies; how we can work with them; our attitudes towards them; the energies within them; how we can use (and abuse) these; and how we can tap into the wisdom held within our bodies.

This workshop will explore how we can experience the many levels of ‘being’ within our bodies (sensations, emotions, contact & empathy, power, spirituality, etc.) and how we can make these more of our daily or moment-by-moment experience. We will look at how we relate to our bodies; how we can work with them; our attitudes towards them; the energies within them; how we can use (and abuse) these; and how we can tap into the wisdom that is held within our bodies.

We use insights from psychophysiology and neuroscience, different forms & exercises, the use of touch, and the theoretical perspectives and concepts of Body Psychotherapy.

Ultimately we can, through our bodies, seek to find and follow the deeper purpose and direction of our lives. Our bodies are our true homes: that within which we live, the source of joy or pain, the expression of our inner selves. They can be our sanctuaries or our prisons.

This workshop can act as a module of an Edinburgh-based training course in Body-Psychotherapy with Courtenay Young & Laura Steckler

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Costs: Sat & Sun workshop (+ Fri evening talk) £100.00 (£75.00 concessions):

Also - Open Friday Evening Introductory Talk only (7.30-9.30 p.m.) £10.00 (£7.50 concessions)

Courtenay Young is a well-known UKCP accredited Humanistic, Transpersonal and Body Psychotherapist.

He has trained in Biodynamic Massage & Psychotherapy, Holotropic Breathwork, some Process Oriented Psychotherapy, and specialises in working with people in crisis and Spiritual Emergencies. He was the resident psychotherapist at the Findhorn Foundation for 17 years, and for the last 5 years has been working as a counsellor and psychotherapist in the NHS in Edinburgh, as well as having a private practice.

He has given many conference presentations, seminars and workshops; written many articles and papers about Body-Psychotherapy; is past President of EABP (European Association for Body-Psychotherapy) and has held many 'political' positions in psychotherapy associations in the UK & Europe. He is currently deputy editor for the International Journal for Psychotherapy and an editor for the Journal of Body, Dance & Movement in Psychotherapy.

The format of this workshop will be a mixture of experiential work, seminar-style with some theory, & some didactic material for skill building & increased understanding. The focus is on enhanced personal awareness, as well as on professional development. In this workshop, Courtenay taps into a wealth of knowledge and information, and presents it simply and experientially. Reading lists about Body-Psychotherapy can be sent out by post or e-mail prior to the workshop. There is no obligation to enter into a training commitment: this is also a stand-alone weekend workshop.

The Salisbury Centre is a well-established mind-body-spirit workshop centre with a lovely garden, close to the centre of Edinburgh. B&B accommodation is reasonable & readily available nearby.



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