Spirit Of The Body Workshop


The Spirit of the Body

A week-end workshop with
Courtenay Young & Laura Steckler


AHPP Workshop Series 2005

The Salisbury Centre

28th-29th May 2005


Our bodies are our true home: the house in which we live, the sanctuary of our souls. In this workshop we will explore how we can be more fully ‘embodied’ in our daily lives and celebrate the spirit of our bodies in a variety of ways.
We will look at how we treat our bodies, our attitudes towards them, the energies within them, and how we can tap into the spirit and wisdom held there. We will explore our whole selves through movement, massage and other bodywork, exercises that increase awareness, meditation, in nature, play, dance, voice work and healing. Ultimately we will, through our bodies, seek to find and follow the deeper purpose and direction of our lives.

Sponsored by UK – AHPP: Association of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners
For further details contact Courtenay or Laura
Bookings: 0131-667-5438

Cost: £100.00 Sat + Sun : £75.00 Concessions
Fri. evening open session only: £10.00

'... for that called Body is a portion of the Soul discerned by the five Senses ...' William Blake

Courtenay Young is well-known UKCP accredited Humanistic, Transpersonal and Body Psychotherapist. He has also trained in massage, Tai Chi, Holotropic Breathwork, and Process Oriented Psychotherapy and specialises in Spiritual Emergencies. He was the resident psychotherapist at the Findhorn Foundation for 17 years, has made many conference presentations & run many seminars and workshops. He sees the body as the vessel of the spirit.

Laura Steckler is an American Body Psychotherapist, and Movement Educator as well as being a certified Rubenfeld Synergist and Clinical Psychologist.
She conducts workshops internationally. She is also a dance/theatre artist.
She combines Authentic Movement and Butoh practices in her dance work and is deeply interested in the spiritual aspects of creativity and the body.

The format of this workshop will be mainly experiential with some theory & didactic material for skill building & increased understanding. The focus is on enhanced awareness, and personal and professional development. The two primary, but not exclusive, avenues of focus will be the Rubenfeld Synergy ® Method and Spiritual Emergence processes, with many methodologies drawn from transpersonal, body-oriented, and existential psychotherapies. The workshop is not just designed for psychotherapists, counsellors, complementary health practitioners, but also those dedicated to their own personal growth. Courtenay and Laura will also be available for individual sessions in the days following the workshop. B&B accommodation is reasonable & readily available nearby.

‘ Movement is Life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.’    Moshe Feldenkrais