Body Oriented Psychotherapy

Body Psychotherapy, Body-oriented Psychotherapy, or Somatic Psychology or Somatic Psychotherapy takes the person's - the client's - body into proper account and sees the therapeutic relationship - essentially - as an interaction between two bodies. Whilst there may be no actual physical contact (though touch is sometimes used occasionally), the client's body carries a lot of wisdom and has a very important story to tell. Many of the early childhood traumas and one's reactions to the outside world are still carried unconsciously within the body and this sort of approach can access them. However, the therapist's body also has a massive amount of information (on a non-verbal level) that can be used quite constructively in the therapeutic interaction - as a sort of sounding-board. 

For more information about Body Psychotherapy: see the recently published The Handbook of Body Psychotherapy & Somatic Psychology (see here) or go to the EABP website: here.
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