Humanistic Psychotherapy

In 1986, Courtenay Young was accredited as a Humanistic Psychotherapist by the UK Association of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners (AHPP) between 1987 and about 2007. Through that accreditation, he became registered with the UKCP as a Humanistic Psychotherapist. "I still resonate to much of the Humanistic mode of Psychotherapy, but I am not exclusively a 'humanistic' psychotherapist.  For some more general information about Humanistic Psychology, please click here and here

Historical Involvement: Having some interest in organisational roles, I was elected to the Board of AHPP in 1986/7 and served on the Board in a wide variety of positions (Vice-Chairperson; Chairperson; Treasurer; HIPS representative; representative to the UKCP; Conference Organiser; Ethics Committee etc.) from 1987 until about 1993. However, after 1993, I was not active in the organisation until 2004 when I was again re-appointed as Treasurer. I resigned from this position and the AHPP Board in October 2007. All connections between myself and UK-AHPP have now been ended.

In the early 2000s, I tried to encourage the formation of a revised version of the European Association for Humanistic Psychology, but after some initial enthusiasm, nothing much happened about this. Humanistic Psychotherapy is still not represented in the EAP (which is a pity) but this can now be someone else's task.

I have also written several articles on Humanistic Psychotherapy in"Self & Society" and also a chapter in a book on "Humanistic Psychotherapy" by Eric Whitton.