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 I am a fully accredited UKCP,  EABP and EAP registered psychotherapist, with more than 35 years of professional experience. 
The UKCP register of psychotherapists has been accepted (accredited) by the UK Professional Standards Authority.
I work with a combination of several different modalities (see boxes below);
Over the last 35 years, I have a wide experience of working in a variety of clinical settings (including individual private practice, in groups, within communities, in educational and/or correctional settings, in charitable and voluntary settings, and in medical settings, such as in the NHS); 
and also of working with a wide range of different clients (adults, couples, adolescents, people in crisis, etc.). 
I work clinically in and around Edinburgh, Scotland, UK and in the Scottish Borders (Melrose).
I also work by skype and by e-mail and telephone (Face-time) - though I obviously prefer meeting with the person first and getting a proper sense of who they are.

I have also been very actively involved in:
Several professional associations within psychotherapy; in developing the politics of professional psychotherapy in Europe; in presenting at international conferences; in leading workshops & seminars; in editing books and journals; in writing many articles & chapters on psychotherapy; and
in writing a couple of books and editing and publishing several others, etc.
... as well as occasionally writing poetry, looking after the garden, going on holiday, meeting with friends,
... and being as loving a husband, father and now grandfather as I can be.

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NHS Counsellor

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